Cosmetic Foot Services

Some treatments, are considered cosmetic by insurance companies, and thus the companies can opt out of paying for them. Nonetheless, we find them valuable and in an effort to provide comprehensive patient care offer them to all our patients.

These include:

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment: Fungal Nails can be treated by laser as an treatment for patients who either do not wish to undergo oral therapy or who would like to enhance its efficacy in conjunction.

Professional Nail Restoration System: Keryflex is a medical grade material which allows the nail to be restored. This can be utilized in patients with fungal nails or nails that are distorted by trauma for which there is no cure at this time. This medical grade material recreates the appearance of healthy, aesthetically pleasing nails.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections for improved comfort in shoe gear. As patients age the natural fatty cushioning of the foot becomes thinner. This is also noted in young patients who wear heels or patients whose natural foot type has high arch. This decrease in cushioning can cause significant pain while wearing shoes. Hyaluronic acid injections mimic foot cushioning thus aiding in pain relief in many types of shoe gear.

Botox injections: Often patients suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. This condition can be genetic or even manifest with hormone changes such as after pregnancy. Not only does this issue result in smell and discomfort in can cause manifestation of pathology such as fungus, which often becomes a recurrent issue in patients who sweat a lot and thus have constantly moist feet. Botox injections block the sweat glands from releasing excessive sweat thus resolving this issue.